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Economics and Accounts are two most important aspects of our everyday life. We need to think in terms of both these subjects in exerting any kind of transactions beginning from purchasing vegetables, stores and provisions to payment of bills, dealing with bank accounts, managing shoppings and the monthly budgets, etc. And each business enterprise whether small or big, whether local or national or multinational, let it be retail or wholesale or any kind of trading, manufacturing or marketing or service provider - all need at least some basic knowledge of accounting, economic and financial knowledge.

Every transaction needs both counting and planning.  
Counting is Accounting whereas planning is Economics. 

Both these aspects combined makes "Economiccounts".

Primitive man first started with counting the objects. This gave birth to numbers 1 to 9. Then '0' was invented. This gave rise to all the big numbers making tens, hundreds, thousands, millions and so on as man became more and more social, cultured and civilized. Additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions all evolved. Then other advanced versions of algebra, geometry, trigonometry all developed. Accounting books and softwares developed. Thus everything evolved from the basic need for counting which continuously got developed into the present mostly sophisticated 
accounting methods and principles.

As accounting started, man was able to get a clear knowledge and good track of all his transactions. Then he began to feel that he can manage things with proper planning and allocation of resources. This made him to economise everything so as to match the ends with means resulting in the various economic principles and theories.

So you are able to see that accounts and economics go hand in hand along with Finance to make our life better positioned.

In my articles, I try to give some basic knowledge of the many aspects and terminologies useful in accounting and economic financial matters.

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