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36) Put a harness on Spending Habits for the growth of Economy

35) Saving and Insurance

34) Meaning and Functions of Banks

33) Role of Money in Economy

32) Types and Forms of Money

31) Money - Meaning, Definition, and Functions of Money

28) Producer Equilibrium under different approaches

27) Consumer equilibrium, Indifference Curve explained

26) Price fixation and factors determining price

15) Demand, Demand schedule and Demand curve

14) Law of Supply, Supply schedule, and Supply curve

25) What is Revenue and types of revenue in Economics

24) Cost and different types of cost in Economics

23) Production Process and types of production processes

22) The activity of Capital formation

21) Consumption of Goods and Services & Impact on economy

20) Distribution of Goods and Services

19) Production and Factors of Production

18) Four Basic Economic activities

4) Problem of scarcity and other major economic problems

3) What is Economy | Three Types and Stages of Economy

17) Consumer surplus & Producer surplus

16) Law of Diminishing Returns

13) Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility and Prices

10) Scarcity, Utility and Marginal Utility

7) Classification of Wants & Needs

6) Characteristics of Human Wants

5) Human Wants in Economics

9) Elasticity of Supply

8) Supply and Demand

29) Definition of Market and Factors influencing Market

30) Different Structures and Types of Market

12) Production Possibility Frontier, Opportunity Cost & Specialisation

11) Notion of Scarcity and Solution

2) Two branches of Economics (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics)

1) What is Economics?

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